A Midnight tease. . .


Coming this September, Tempted At Midnight is gaining advanced praise.

“Scandal and seduction…nobody does them better.” —Zuri Day, author of the Sweet Heat

“Once again, Cheris Hodges brings the heat with a sensual and romantic page turner that doesn’t disappoint. In Tempted at Midnight, Sylvie and Erik heat up the page!”  —K.M. Jackson, author of As Good as the First Time

For fans of Brenda Jackson, Cheris Hodges brings the heat in a new contemporary romance where New Years Eve fireworks last long past the stroke of midnight.

Here’s a little sneak peak inside this forthcoming novel!


Sylvia hated the countdown to a new year. Especially in a crowd of couples. Everybody would be kissing in nine seconds and she was standing there with her third glass of champagne. Sylvie didn’t even like champagne but as the room celebrated the engagement of her best friend, Olivia Brown and her man LJ, she had to drink the swill. The ballroom was buzzing with excitement, though. Everyone wanted a look at Olivia’s ring and the portrait LJ, a renowned artist who’d just finished a family portrait for the former first family, had painted of his future wife. It was beautiful. The night was romantic. Sylvie was bored.

Glancing around the room, she glanced around the room and locked eyes with the only other guy who looked as he wanted to be anywhere but there.


            That man is fine!she thought as she set her empty glass on the edge of a table. Maybe she was tipsy and that’s why she started walking toward Mr. Sex Appeal.


Sylvie heard the voice of reason telling her to stop, pump her breaks and don’t head over to this stranger. It wasn’t as if she had a right to expect a midnight kiss from him. But her feet wouldn’t stop, especially when their eyes met.

His golden brown eyes reminded her of warm honey and his slow once over heated her body like a rocket ready to explode. Maybe he wanted this kiss as much as she needed it.


His lips were delectable looking. Full. Thick. Hopefully they were as soft as they looked from across the room. But he wasn’t across the room anymore. She was just a few more steps away from him. She grabbed a glass of champagne from a waiter’s tray and kept walking.


It was now or never. She could turn back or take two more steps. Sylvie thought about the year she’d had. Her business partner had left her high and dry forcing Sylvie to have to finish fifteen decorating jobs alone. Though she’d gotten the work done, made a great name for herself and lined up some exclusive clients including Jordan Industries, one of the largest cosmetic companies in the southeast, she was tired and needed a release.


Sylvie grabbed a second glass of champagne. At least she could pretend she was there to share a toast with him if the kiss thing didn’t work out.


She was standing in front of him. “Hi.”

“Hello beautiful,” he replied. His voice was just as sexy as he was. Deep. Low. Hypnotic.

“Happy New Year.” Sylvie held out the glass of champagne to him. Their fingers touched as he took the glass from her hand.

“Thanks for the drink. Maybe I should’ve thought of bringing you one earlier.”

“Well, it seems as of we’re the only people who came without dates tonight.”

“And that’s a good thing. Starting the new year stealing you away from another man wouldn’t have been a great way to start the new year.”

“Trust and believe, I can’t be stolen.”

“Is that so?”

She slapped her hand on her shapely hip. “Do I look like a piece of property?”


“You look beautiful, actually. The prettiest girl in the room.”

Sylvie’s cheeks heated but she reminded herself to be cool. “Where’s your date, tonight?”

“I just met her. I’m Erik, by the way.”



Erik’s eyes drank in the curvaceous Sylvie. Long legs, thick thighs that he wanted wrapped around his waist. Then his stare fell on her lips. Full. Kissable and painted his favorite color — red. She ran her tongue across her bottom lip and his dick stood at attention.

Erik noticed Sylvie when she’d walked into the ballroom. His plan had been to skip the party but Logan, his younger brother, told him about his plan to propose to his lovely girlfriend. As much as Erik wanted Logan to be a part of the company as more than just a board member, he supported and applauded this brother’s artistic endeavors. Logan made a name for himself with his murals and gallery shows. Erik knew Logan was going to Paris after the board meeting. He knew his brother was going to be just fine, he wasn’t so sure about the company.

Happy New Year!

Balloons fell around Sylvie and Erik as the chords of Auld Lang Synebegan playing. Sylvie took one step closer to Erik and brought her hand to his cheek. Their lips touched gently, then Sylvie went in for a real kiss.


Erik was taken aback by the sweet and forcefulness of her kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to his body. Her tongue danced with his, tango, lambda, disco. She stroked the back of his neck. Erik moaned as she pressed her body against his and their kiss deepened.

His body responded to her sensual kiss, his erection pressed against her thighs and she didn’t seem to mind at all. Did she just thrust her hips into his?

Yes. She. Did. Erik cupped her behind and it was soft. Very soft. Squeezing her cheeks, he thought about holding her ass tight while they were naked.

Their lips parted and her bright red lipstick was smeared across her beautiful mouth. “Want to get out of here?”

Sylvie nodded.  He wrapped his arm around her waist and led her to his Maserati.

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