Start of a romance (series)

Maurice Goings and Kenya Taylor have loved each other since they shared a childhood kiss. As their senior prom rolls around, Maurice, star of their high school football team, tells Kenya his true feelings. 

Their sweet love story begins right before they head off to college and everything changes for them.
Winning the race or her heart? Elijah Taylor needs a wife to combat his playboy candidate moniker after a scandalous picture makes waves in the media. The only woman for the job just happens to be his college sweetheart. Too bad he broke her heart ten years ago. But if Desiree Carpenter gives him a second chance, maybe he can right a decade’s wrong. Desiree is successful, smart and beautiful and if Eli thinks he’s getting a second chance without strict ground rules, he’s mistaking. But can she fake being his spouse when old feelings and past secrets bubble to the surface? As the race for the senate takes a negative turn, Eli has to decide how much he’s willing to lose to win . . .
Sportswriter Nina Richardson had the perfect life away from her family’s famous shadow. But a social media blowup and rejection by her boyfriendbrought her back to their peaceful Charleston, South Carolina B&B to figure out what went wrong. So there’s no way she’s going to trust the crazy-hot sparks flying between her and handsome new employee Clinton Jefferson. It’s just reckless, rip-his-clothes-off, one-night-and-forget-it lust—right?
Fresh from working for the Richardsons’ biggest rival, Clinton wants to show his modernization ideas aren’t sabotage or a gimmick. Getting involved with the rebellious Nina means trouble for sure—but he can’t resist showing this stubborn, fiery woman how she should be loved. But false accusations and Nina’s returned ex shake their passion—and fragile trust—to the core.  Now between cascading obstacles and conflicting loyalties, can Clinton and Nina untangle what they really want in time?
agazine writer Shari Walker knows the pain of love and loss and she Isn’t about to put her heart at risk again. While writing a story about CEO Jill Atkinson, Shari’s life is flipped upside down when temptation walks in to her life. Malik Greene is known to love them and leave them, but something about Shari’s cool nature heats him up. 
After a life changing event is revealed in Shari’s life, she begins to look at every thing differently, including Malik. Is it love, lust or another heartbreak in the making?