Turning 10 this November: Betting On Love


Once upon a time, an author took a trip to Las Vegas. That author was me. My best friend had won a trip to Sin City and invited me to tag along. As we were packing, I grabbed a condom, as a joke, saying that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

After a weekend of shopping, eating and losing money, we were heading back to Atlanta with over stuffed bags. I asked her to place one of my bags in hers and she agreed. It was the bag with that condom in it. And when she put it in her bag, it toppled over and out flew the condom.

That would’ve been fine if it hadn’t landed at the Nike clad foot of a really cute guy, who just happened to be on our flight. He handed it back to her and she whispered that she was going to kill me. And I said, this is so going in a book.

Two days later, I started writing Betting On Love.

This November marks the ten year anniversary of this book’s release.

Betting On Love was the second book in what I thought would’ve been a two book series. This book tells the story of James Goings, brother of NFL Wide Receiver Maurice Goings from Let’s Get It On


But a sisterhood was born with the characters of Jade, Serena, Kandace and Alicia. And the Goings Family and Friends series was born. I can’t believe it’s been ten years already.

What’s your favorite book in the series?


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