Meet Yolanda Richardson . . .

People don’t get me. But when you’re the shortest of your three sisters, like even your baby sis is taller than you, you have to be a little creative with your life. That’s why I love fashion. I even like the clothes that a certain quarterback wears, just don’t tell Nina. She’s still mad about the sweetheart thing.

When I graduated from Spelman College, I wanted to become a designer, but  I was afraid. That is until Alex told me I was wasting my time. So, I started designing but didn’t share my sketches with anyone but Nina. Then I decided to do something practical and start my own high fashion boutique in Richmond, Va. My dad, Sheldon Richardson, was my first and only investor. He told me something that stick with me to this day: “You’re really more like me than anyone else and there is no way you could work for anyone other than yourself.” 

That’s my badge of pride. I’m more like my Daddy than my sisters. The boutique was so popular that I had a lot of imitators. But no one can do what I do. Nikki Giovanni was right when she wrote that line in my favorite poem, I’m so hip, even my errors are correct. I kept telling myself that I needed to go to Virginia Tech and meet her. But I was too scared. That’s one thing that people don’t realize about me, I’m not fearless. I talk a good game, but there are many things that I’m afraid of. Just don’t ask my college friends, because they’re just going to tell you that I walked around the quad naked and only a fearless broad would do that.

Truth is, I did it because my ex told me not to. That’s the only thing that gets me out of being afraid of something, if you tell me I can’t do it, then I will. Maybe that’s why Alex and I fight all the time. She’s the exact same way. 

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