Meet Charles “Chuck” Morris

His job is to protect Yolanda Richardson, but who’s going to guard his heart?

Charles “Chuck” Morris

Former Marine, current security expert and owner of Morris Protection Agency.

Charles, known to many as Chuck Morris, is a sought after personal body guard. The former Marine is a hand to hand combat machine. After his medical discharge from the Corps, he started the agency to help out in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. 

Number one rule: Nothing comes before the job. But, Yolanda Richardson isn’t making things easy.

“Chuck, right?” she said as the doors to the elevator opened. 

            “Charles actually, but most people call me Chuck.” 

            “Mind if I ask why?” 

            He chuckled as he locked eyes with Yolanda. She had beautiful eyes. Expressive and intense. The gold specks in her brown eyes sparkled as she spoke and made her face glow like the sun. Was it possible for a woman in a package that small to be a goddess? Calm down, he thought. This is not why you’re here. 

            “My last name is Morris.” 

            She brought her hand to her mouth, covering those full lips that he’d been trying to ignore. “Chuck Morris,” Yolanda said after she stopped laughing. 

            “Heard it all before,” he said. “But Chuck Norris and I have one thing in common. We both kick ass.” 

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